When I get busy, not enough sleep, or exposed to colds or sore throat type viruses, I take five drops of Oregano Oil in a shot glass of water and repeat this daily until symptoms are gone. What I’ve discovered is that I never get really sick anymore.
— Pat G, Moscow, Idaho
I always planned to email you but never got round to it. Well finally I am and I wanted to tell you that without a shadow or a doubt I fully endorse your product and your integrity in a world that doesn’t focus honesty as a priority. As an avid researcher in health and nutrition, this Oregano Oil has 5 big gold stars from me.
— James, United Kingdom
I have used oregano oil since 2005, and have found that yours is the best I have used. It took me almost a year to find an oil that wasn’t mixed with 80% olive oil. Thanks for carrying such a great product.
— Sue