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Oregano Extract

Our Customers Love Us & We Love Them!

We wanted to share a recent email from one of our customers:

Thank you for taking the time to source a quality product and operating your business in such a traditional and expert manner. My wife and I look forward to using your oil to obtain our goals of healing and staying healthy. I have spent a few hours researching oil of oregano and suppliers  this week and concluded that I would be best served using your product.


Adam M

We appreciate Adam’s kind words and his support of our small company.

New Batch of Pure Oregano Oil Has Arrived

Dear Customers:

A new batch of pure, wild oregano oil has arrived from Turkey, with a carvacrol content rating of 80.46%.  We started bottling it last week.  The color is slightly darker and the scent a little smokier, as it was harvested from a different area owned by our grower.  But it is still non-GMO and organically grown and processed, and of course undiluted.  We thank you for your continued support of our company.