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Oregano Extract

Same Day Shipping of Pure Oregano Oil News for This Week

Dear Customers,

We are having the wood floors refinished, which means packing up EVERYTHING and moving it into storage this week.  We will still be taking orders, and shipping again starting Friday.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Apply Pure, Non-GMO, Organic Oregano Oil as a Topical Ointment

Apply Oregano Oil as a Topical Ointment

The same anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil that make it useful for gastrointestinal and respiratory issues make it appealing as a topical ointment for similar problems. Diluted oil can be applied directly to the skin to help heal fungal infections, itches, irritated gums, and other skin irritations.  Mix oregano oil with olive oil or coconut oil. If you have full strength oregano oil, mix 1 drop of oregano oil with a single teaspoon of a mild, food-grade oil such as olive oil or coconut oil.  If you need enough oil to cover a larger skin area, maintain the 1 drop oregano and 1 teaspoon other oil ratio for the entire mixture.  Begin with a skin care regimen of one application per day. If your infection or problem persists and shows only mild improvement, up the application (of diluted oregano oil) to 2 or 3 times per day.  If there is no improvement after 2 weeks or if symptoms worsen, discontinue use of the oil and consult a health professional. The nature of your skin problem may not be able to be treated effectively by oregano oil.

Supplies are running low!

Dear customers:

I wanted to let you know that we are running low on oil because we are waiting for a new harvest to  be distilled.  We decided to wait for a higher quality oil than what is currently available.  If you are running low on oil, don’t wait to restock as it may be awhile before the next shipment is ordered.



Discounts for Marta Greenfield clients

If you a PT client of Marta Greenfield, please send an email to place your order and you will receive a 10% discount!

Pure Oregano Oil and GI Issues

GI issues and Oregano Oil:

In a small research study on oregano oil (also known as oil of Mediterranean oregano or Oreganum vulgare – this oil is not from the cooking spice plant, which is known as Oregano Marjoram), oral administration of the oil over 6 weeks resulted in abatement or disappearance of certain strains of gastrointestinal parasites and symptoms. There is some evidence that oral administration of oregano oil may help reduce inflammation of the gut and fight certain parasites and bacteria that can cause unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms.