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Oregano Extract

Mineral And Vitamin Content Of Oregano Oil



Richer in calcium than cheese, dark green vegetables, salmon, sardines and milk.

  1. Feeds bones, gums, teeth, heart, cells skin, nervous system.


Richer in magnesium than cashews, peanuts, molasses, whole grains, beet greens and spinach.

  1. Feeds enzymes, arteries, soft tissues.


Richer in zinc than sardines, salmon, cheese, peanut butter and whole grains.

  1. Feeds the prostrate, reproductive organs, immune system, skin, smell and taste


Listed as one top eight sources of iron.

  1. Feeds hemoglobin, myoglobin, blood, immune system, growth and energy


  1. Feeds bone, hemoglobin, blood, energy, healing, hair and skin color, taste, nerves, joints.


Richer in potassium than orange juice, bananas, apricots, dates and dark, leafy vegetables.

  1. Feeds the nervous system, heart, cells


Equal to niacin content in beef, commercial rice and whole wheat.

  1. Feeds circulatory system, skin, nervous system, metabolism, digestive system


Boron, manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamine.

Positive Ionotrope

Strengthens the pumping of the heart.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Beware Of Patented Drugs


One of the problems with modernism is it’s emphasis on the future and how it affects the here and now. In our modern culture the past is blase and the future is exciting. If it isn’t new then it isn’t worth owning.  In modernism, Grandma’s advice is questioned and the scientist has the final word and isn’t to be questioned.  Forget the traditional, it’s all about the newest fad, the newest technological advance, the newest model of whatever you may own or hope to own.  If it can’t be patented, if it isn’t man-made or synthetic or created in a laboratory, it isn’t worth giving the time of day to. What is natural belongs to the old school and is considered to be weak, boring and not able to measure up to what is lab created.  The ultimate consequence of this modernistic philosophy will be the destruction of mankind and this world as we know it.  Every lab created food and drug scientists develop will be another nail in the coffin and mankind is increasingly engaging in self destruction all in the name of science and progress. Instead of looking forward we need to look back and open the treasure chest of traditional and time tested cures, antidotes and medicines that our grandparents and our ancestors embraced and oregano oil is just one of thousands of natural products that can provide safe and efficacious relief for what ails us.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A Powerful Natural Principal – Feeding And Cleaning


I wish I could provide you with the thousands of years of accumulated medical information handed down from one generation to the next through the repetitive process of grandparents to parents to children or through ancient schools of  medicine such as are present in China and India but we Western moderns have been cut off from all that richness by higher powers, so now we rely on scientific research which really isn’t as helpful in that it doesn’t give us simple to follow instructions for uses, applications and dosages.  If anything, this scientific process for the most part alienates us from nature and connects us to patented (fake) synthetic cures through corporate sponsored drug dealers who pass themselves off as medical doctors.  But on positive note, we can stand in awe at the amazing wonders worked by the humble members of nature which for eons have faithfully fulfilled their function of feeding and cleaning which is a common recurring process that blesses and sustains the world as we know it.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





Oregano Oil Extends Life Of Produce and Meats


In a study completed by the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Greece, it was determined that the application of anti-microbial agents, oregano oil and rosemary oil to packaged ‘ready-to-eat poultry’ resulted in an extended shelf life of five days when compared with other control samples not treated with these essential oils.  Additionally, the application of the essential oils produced a more sensorially acceptable product.

In another study undertaken by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, it was determined that in the presence of oregano oil, Salmonella in raw ground beef was more susceptible to the lethal effect of heat and that oil of oregano also inhibited the growth of Salmonella that did survive heat treatments.

Oil of Oregano has a long history of being used as a  preservative for produce and meats.  Considering the powerfully inhibiting anti-microbial qualities of oregano oil, it’s surprising that it isn’t used more in restaurants and kitchens.  Keeping a spray bottle handy with a solution of oregano oil and water would be a great addition to any kitchen.

Research studies found on Pubmed.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Does Oregano Oil Have Toxicity Issues?


One of the wonderful benefits of using Oil of Oregano is its lack of detrimental side effects which is a common attribute of naturally occurring essential oils and herbs.  Of course this isn’t the case at all with pharmaceuticals or  herbs that have been refined or processed in the laboratory for patentable purposes.   Drugs created in the laboratory invariably possess toxic and often times serious or even life-threatening side effects which increase with use even when taken as prescribed by doctor’s orders.  Natural medicinals in the form of essential oils of plants and herbs extracted using natural processes can produce  unpleasant side effects as a result of miscalculated or inappropriate use but in and of themselves are not toxic, so long as they are used for their appropriate purposes.   Discretion should always be used with all natural medicinals and traditional protocols when available should always be followed and if they aren’t available at the least determine what the general consensus seems to be among users of the particular essential oils that you are using to treat your particular ailment.

Regarding the essential oils of the origanum vulgare plant which because of it’s solvent characteristics is extremely penetrating; improper application or dosage of this oil can result in the following unpleasant but not necessarily dangerous side effects:

1. Ingesting an excessive or undiluted dosage of oregano oil may result in painful and uncomfortable irritation to the mucous membrane of the mouth, esophagus and stomach. To alleviate this issue some people choose to place drops of oregano oil into vegetable capsules before swallowing.  Another common usage to is place a few drops of oil of oregano into coffee, juice or water.  In the event of irritation or discomfort ingesting any type of dairy product or almond milk will sooth the affected areas.

2.  An excessive or inappropriate application of oregano oil in a diluted or undiluted form to sensitive epidermal areas such as but not limited to the eyes, lips and genitals can result in an extreme burning and itching sensation resulting in redness and/or possible injury to the surface layer of skin.  Again, dairy products or almond milk are excellent antidotes for relief of unpleasant symptoms.

Two methods of treatment with oregano oil that can be considered safe and prudent for all ages are:

1.  Applying diluted or undiluted oil of oregano to the soles of the feet.  This can be done full strength or with a dilution of up to ten times with a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, almond oil or any other non-hydrogenated pure oil.

2. A safe and ideal application under any circumstances including pregnancy would be to use a homeopathic solution of oregano oil. With a homeopathic solution, the physical or molecular presence of the oil is no longer present with only the vibrational frequency remaining which is able to deliver the efficacious benefits of oregano oil without the irritant effects caused by the physical properties of the oil.

Two of the main concerns that are typically expressed in chat groups, articles and on websites about oregano oil address the question of whether or oregano oil takes out good gut flora along with pathogens. The other concern has to do with the whether or not oregano oil or it’s components  such as thymol are toxic to the liver.

Addressing the first concern, I can say with confidence that oregano oil as well as all essential oils have inherent within them discriminating intelligence which is at a level far beyond what scientists are able to emulate in the laboratory.  Consider the MRSA, just one of the superbugs that have developed as a consequence of the introduction of laboratory created antibiotics. These man-made antibiotics are no match for nature which consistently can outwit and develop resistance to anything man can throw at them whereas a superbug such as MRSA can be effectively neutralized by oregano oil without ever developing resistance to it and this is an attribute that is common among all essential oils and herbs.  Yet while oregano oil can take out many pathogens that have become impervious to man-made antibiotics it can at the same time feed life enhancing bacteria with minerals and nutrients. This can be proven by exposing eight ounces of common yogurt cultures to a mega dose of pure oregano oil, (10 drops equivalent to 22 lbs of plants mass).  Yogurt cultures will thrive and even be preserved for a month or longer even when exposed to such a highly concentrated dose of oregano oil and the savory taste and texture will be superb!  Under normal conditions yogurt might stay fresh for a week.  This principle of protection and nurturing is present throughout all of nature but unfortunately has been diminished and marginalized by modern science which for the most part has little or no regard or respect for the wonders of nature.

The second most common concern regarding possible side effects of oregano oil has to do with potential liver toxicity from exposure to oregano oil.  A perusal of PubMed research on liver toxicity and oregano oil will reveal quite the contrary to this common concern.  Numerous studies reveal that oregano oil actually enhances and protects liver cells whereas when properties of oregano oil such as thymol are refined and processed for the sake of creating a patentable pharmaceutical, pesticide, or insecticide, indeed detrimental side effects begin to exhibit that reveal liver damage and other toxic issues as well.

The bottom line is that detrimental side effects are virtually non-existent with essential oils and herbs so long as they are taken at the appropriate dosage levels and in a manner consistent with traditional use whereas virtually all drugs created using fractionalized natural substances for purpose of creating a patentable drug will have detrimental side effects and in many cases to the extent of possible death even when taken as prescribed by a doctor in accordance with industry created protocols.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.